The robust AMH beef program continues to grow in strength and size. Drawing from the vast growing regions across eastern Australia, our experienced livestock team works with local producers to source the cattle required to meet our customers’ needs.

A Reliable Supply Chain

Our highly skilled workforce is the foundation of AMH. Our livestock, processing, sales, marketing and logistics personnel are industry leaders ensuring our customers receive the highest level of service.

With state-of-the-art processing facilities spread across Australia’s largest beef producing states – Queensland and New South Wales – AMH is well equipped to manage demand.

Backed by the strength of JBS’s global reach, locations across Australia provide vital access to transportation and shipping infrastructure. We have a robust distribution chain and representatives located in some of our key export markets including the USA, Japan and United Arab Emirates, ensuring product can be delivered efficiently to customers in every corner of the world.

Versatility of product and reliability of supply chain is essential when we choose businesses to partner with. Working with JBS Australia and buying AMH beef enables us to support large retail businesses at scale all across Korea, spanning multiple concepts from whole primal box sales, which are cut and sold at Emart Traders, to further processed case ready items as seen in Emart grocery stores and Emart Online.


From our producers to the butcher shops or dinner table, integrity is at the core of AMH. Industry-leading practices continue to drive the exceptional reputation of this brand, achieved by maintaining the highest standards of animal welfare, processing, packaging and delivery.

You can rely on AMH; it has been a badge of reliability to customers since 1986.

Volume and Scale

As one of Australia’s oldest and most trusted beef brands, AMH has built a reputation for consistently delivering high volumes of product that our customers require to succeed. AMH beef is a staple product in some of the world’s largest quick-service restaurant chains, supermarket chains and butchers groups.

Consistency of Food Safety & Shelf Life

AMH beef has an enviable reputation for delivering a significant shelf life, consistently. With a product that is validated for over 140 days, our customers report unrivalled shelf life in many countries, surpassing their own locally produced product.

This quality results from uncompromising and meticulous attention to detail in every aspect of the process: strict personal hygiene, clean animals, hygienic dressing and work practices, maintenance of the cold chain, plus sound animal handling and welfare procedures.

To maintain safety standards and meet the strict market access requirements of importing countries and customers, we employ integrated company-based quality assurance, food safety, animal and product tracking systems.

We service a complex supply chain of distributors, retailers, hotels and restaurants across Japan, each customer with different needs.

AMH brand supply allows a variety of product specifications supplied in significant volume, and the reliable shelf life leaves us to focus on sales and growing our business.

We trust AMH product to keep our fast-paced business running smoothly.

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