AMH is widely regarded as Australia’s oldest and most respected beef brand, renowned for delivering a consistent product on time, every time.
Evolving range to meet customer demand
All AMH product is compliant with the AAWCS
Cattle sourced from Australia’s quality growing regions
NFAS Accredited with minimum 100 days on feed

Predominantly grass fed, AMH beef is sourced from the largest cattle producing regions across eastern Australia.

Processed across a number of JBS facilities, AMH is a reliable, stable beef product that promises consistent product specifications, high levels of food safety, and extended shelf life.

The reliability of this proud Australian beef brand has established AMH as a favourite of grinders, distributors and processors all over the world.

Grain fed

AMH White is our grain fed beef product that delivers the consistency, scale, food safety, shelf-life, and customer service that AMH is known for.

All AMH White beef is sourced from cattle that are finished in National Feedlot Accreditation Scheme (NFAS) feedlots, with a minimum of 100 days on feed. These NFAS feedlots are JBS-operated; and accompanied by a hand-selected network of feedlots that are known for delivering high-quality livestock for the global beef trade.

Marbling +1
Everyday product
Grain fed
Higher eating quality

AMH Black is the newest addition to the family, in response to growing customer demand for a high-quality grain fed beef product.

We source cattle from Australia’s unique and pristine pasture-based production system and then finish them with a minimum of 100 days on feed in NFAS-accredited feedlots.

All AMH Black products have a respectable 1+ minimum marble score to ensure that the effects of grain feeding deliver a high-quality eating experience for the consumer.

This reliable, premium beef brand is enjoyed by countless retailers and food service operators worldwide.

We’ve been dealing with JBS for over 11 years now and their team has forged a solid relationship with our meat business, building on the supplier alliance to assist in driving us forward.

Over that time, we have gradually constructed our business on the foundation of beef brands which commenced with AMH brand and grew from there.

We have welcomed the mutual growth of JBS also. They have displayed enthusiasm and provided support towards our ultimate goal to become the best foodservice meat supplier in Australia. We have found the attitude of their domestic arm to be accommodating and professional and look forward to continuing our relationship into the future.

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